Victoria seeks storage for 25,000+ tapes

CenITex, Victoria's shared services IT agency, is looking for a company to arrange for off-site storage of 25,000+ backup tapes.

Do you have a a large, secure and fireproof warehouse in Melbourne and a fleet of trucks?

Then you have the basic ingredients to win a tender issued last week by CenITex, Victoria's shared services IT agency, to move thousands of backup tapes around Melbourne.

The tender says the organisation has a mixture of LTO (LTO 1 to LTO 4), DDS and DLT tapes, and requires daily pickups of tapes from three sites in Melbourne's CBD. A metropolitan Melbourne and regional site 120kms from the capital are also expected to become part of the service.

The winning bidder will also be expected to provide a portal so that government agencies can view their tape inventories and, in special circumstances, order a tape for delivery within two hours.

The facility housing the tapes is to be fireproofed and secure, and is not permitted to have any markings or advertising indicating the nature of the material it stores. The same restrictions will apply to the vehicles used for transporting tapes.

Multiple redundant power supplies are suggested, while the tender also asks for risk assessments of proposed sites to include menions of proximity to flight paths and earthquake zones. Contractors will also need to be able to adapt their service to store secret material, but initially the winning bidder will only be asked to store more mundane data.

While the tender identifies 25,500 tapes as requiring storage, it also states that CenITex is likely to serve more Victorian government agencies in the near future, making the likely task even greater than already specified.

CenITex's tape tender in detail (Source, tender 2010-004)

Location pickup

Daily collection


Weekly collection


Estimate Total tapes located offsite

CBD site 1




CBD site 2




CBD site 3 1

Service in transition


approx 5,000

Incoming Dept. 1 metro Melbourne site 1




Regional site 1 (120 km from Melb)




Other depts2


Data not available

Data not available





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