Data backup and protection

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  • Storage considerations for containerised data centres

    Containerised data centres are useful disaster recovery infrastructure. But if you use a lot of storage, don't expect off-the-shelf units to do the job. 

  • Solid state hard drive data recovery is not easy

    Data recovery experts report solid state hard drives can and do fail, and data on these all-silicon drives can be harder to restore than on their magnetic cousins. 

  • How to beat Bit Rot

    Hard disks are marketed as supremely reliable and often quote mean times between failure (MTBF) in the hundreds of thousands of hours. But while drives keep on keeping on, it is still possible to lose data thanks to a phenomenon called Bit Rot. Learn... 

  • How to create a business continuity plan

    In today's business environment, the only acceptable data loss is none at all. Find out how to create a business continuity plan that really works. 

About Data backup and protection

Find resources, news and tips designed to help with data backup and data protection for data stored on your NAS, SAN and servers. Learn about business continuity, disk backup, disk-based backup, storage software, tape backup, data recovery, data storage and storage virtualisation.