Data management software

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  • 11 Tivoli Storage Manager tips

    Get the best from Tivoli Storage Manager and learn how to troubleshoot common TSM problems with this collection of eleven tips. 

  • Capacity planning: Reclaim orphaned storage

    This tip takes a look at how to maximize your storage capacity utilization by finding orphaned data and storage that can in turn be re-allocated for another productive use. 

  • Archive or backup?

    How long does a backup object have to be retained before it is considered an archive? Or, is it actually not just a simple matter of time? This tip presents information that will help draw your own conclusion on a not so "cut and dried" subject. 

  • Archiving unstructured data

    Companies must find ways to automate and simplify the process of archiving files and e-mail messages. ECM software addresses this large pool of unstructured data. 

  • Capacity planning in the enterprise

    Capacity planning is becoming an increasingly important way to balance future hardware costs with computing needs. 

About Data management software

Learn more about data management software tools such as configuration management tools, data migration tools and storage reporting software designed to simplify life for storage managers. You'll also find storage provisioning articles focused on products like disk provisioning tools and thin provisioning offerings.