Remote storage considerations

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  • WAN/WAFS and remote offices

    This overview of WAFS and remote offices looks into the role of cache and file limitations, and WAN optimisation. 

  • Forestry firm picks Riverbed WAFS over Cisco

    Cisco shop picks Riverbed after head-to-head performance testing between Riverbed's Steelhead appliance and Cisco's wide area application services card. 

  • Riverbed extends WAFS to laptops

    Steelhead Mobile installs on workstations without an onsite appliance. Users say they'd like to see better integration between the mobile and data centre versions of the product. 

  • Brocade buffs WAFS, virtualisation

    Brocade has previewed a range of enhancements to its products that should become available in June 

  • Remote backup: Plan for your WAN

    Our remote backup feature concludes with a look at one important tool you may overlook when you plan to protect your off-site data. 

  • Remote backup Day Four: What hardware?

    Your remote offices need storage hardware. But how to decide what hardware? Part four of our series offers some options. 

  • Remote backup: Software secrets

    In day three of our series on Remote Backup, we examine software's role in ensuring your data remains safe. 

  • WAFS helps with weightier matters

    Online backup has its limits. Wide Area File Services blows them away, as we explain in part two of our series on remote office backup strategies. 

  • Watching your remote back(up)

    Your corporate headquarters has all the big iron needed to secure your data. But what about your remote offices? In this new series, we explore the different techniques you can use to keep your remote office securely stored. 

  • Remote backup services get affordable

    Remote backup services, traditionally reserved for major banks and cash-rich Fortune 500 companies, are now available to small and midsized businesses.