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  • tooling

    Tooling, also known as machine tooling, is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production. 

  • Application virtualization tool breakdown for buyers

    XenApp, ThinApp and App-V are very similar tools for application virtualization. Check out this buying guide to find out which one can meet your needs and work with your existing infrastructure.

  • How DAM tools can improve brand strategy

    To select the right DAM tools and hone their approach to digital asset management, companies need to understand their creative and business processes, as well as customer needs.

  • Effective tools for cloud application integration

    Get a broader view on some cloud application integration tools.

  • Comparing social media monitoring tools

    SDL is a popular choice among social media monitoring tools, but how do its competitors stack up?

  • DevOps tools for workload management

    Workload automation and streamlined management are essential to support fast-changing business applications and a hybrid or private cloud computing environment. Choosing appropriate DevOps tools is as important to application...

  • Compare software performance and load testing tools

    Performance testing is a key part of the software development process. Learn the essential purchasing criteria for testing tools, and see how the top products measure up.

  • How workflow automation tools trump human intervention

    Workflow automation tools speed routine tasks and ensure that these tasks execute in a standardized, error-free way. But adopting an automation tool can add complexity and learning curves to the existing environment.

  • Web content management tools buying tips

    Web content management tools are becoming ever-more complex. Here are some key considerations as you begin your buying process.

  • Partners weigh discovery, capacity planning tool choices

    Sizing up your customers' complex IT environments today often demands you use sophisticated tools instead of guesswork. Partners weigh in on an array of tools for discovery and capacity planning and discuss which...

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