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  • tooling

    Tooling, also known as machine tooling, is the process of acquiring the manufacturing components and machines needed for production. 

  • Comparing social media monitoring tools

    SDL is a popular choice among social media monitoring tools, but how do its competitors stack up?

  • The best free vulnerability risk assessment tools

    Application security expert Michael Cobb discusses three free vulnerability risk assessment tools you should consider leveraging in the enterprise.

  • Powerful Linux performance tools that go underutilized

    There are some powerful Linux performance tools available to system administrators -- the problem is knowing how to use them.

  • Application performance management tools in AWS

    Application performance management tools can assist in ensuring your organization is using and getting everything possible from AWS.

  • Benchmark WAN optimization tools before you buy

    Editor's note: More complex networks and more complex applications mean that enterprises need  to design WANs capable of handling ever-increasing amounts of traffic without sacrificing performance. In the second article of our three-part...

  • Making social CRM tools effective

    Just putting social CRM tools into place is a strategy for failure. Here's some guidance on how to choose the tools your business needs.

  • MAM tool options abound for developers

    Software testing expert Amy Reichert walks through the importance of MAM tools and options for developers looking for one.

  • Rack cooling, workload management tools fight hotspots

    Hotspots are a pain in the CRAC, leading some data centers to implement source-of-heat cooling and software tools that redistribute workloads...

  • A sneak peek at Avamar vCloud Protector

    EMC has used VMware2011 to show off a new backup tool, Avamar vCloud Protector, which offers new and advanced ways to backup virtual machines.

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